Thursday, October 1, 2009

October Blender

Tomorrow night I'm headed north to attend the October Blender for Creative Fresno. I'm meeting up with friends, but my challenge will be to talk to new people, folks I've never met, and not just women. I'm ashamed to say that is what I did at the last Blender, and she spoke to me.

Listening to Mamma Mia to get into the mood. So I'm putting my outfit together also, wanna help? Here's the top I'll be wearing, though maybe not this belt:

I'm going to pair this with straight leg jeans, nothing too fussy, but which shoes?

The little booties make me purr, but the last time I wore them I wanted to rip my feet off. I also really love the t-straps, but maybe not with jeans. I've never worn the pointy toe kitten heels, so I've got no feel for comfort, but they are pretty cute. Should I scrap them all and go for strappy sandals?

1 comment:

  1. K-Dawg. Pointy toe kitten heels for sure...and if the booties hurt your feet you should give them to ME!!!