Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Soul Sucking

I am sure that everyone has a few things in their own life that seem like a soul sucking drain. For me these things are going out to dinner with my family and doing laundry.

Now, I love my family and enjoy spending time with them, however when you are in a group that consists of Mom, Dad, Grandma and relatively young woman, you have a giant flashing sign above your head that says 'Old Maid'. Being an old maid is not a big deal for me, if I didn't have to see people from my childhood every five feet. The look that they give you is the worst, along with the well-meaning 'Aren't you moving out of town any time soon?'

The laundry is just frustrating because my grandmother is always trying to instruct me on how to do it, as if I didn't spend months and months of my life doing laundry for PCPA and Tuacahn.


  1. Old maid? what the hell does that make me??? Get off the old maid train woman and join me on the child till death train, its waaaayyyy more fun. As for Tularians, I KNOW THAT LOOK. I get it every time I come back and I haven't lived there in how long? I think it is veiled disgust cuz you haven't had the free will sucked out of you. Okay, go finish your laundry...and don't screw up the whites this time:)

  2. Rick, me being an old maid makes you a Distinguished Bachelor. We need to come up with a new word for Old Maid. Something that sounds as good as DB. How about Glorious Girl? or Singular Damsel? Noble Lass?

    I've been on again.

  3. I feel ya sister! Livin' the life of an old maid myself. And dinners with my family can be excruciating. Although for me, laundry (for work- PCPA, etc. I never worked wardrobe at Tuacahn, though they had HUGE machines!) wasn't so bad, because I could do my personal laundry at work sometimes... it is doing my laundry when I am not working that I find tedious. And I HATE ironing. =o)