Thursday, October 15, 2009

Just news

I have officially resigned from TCOE.

Sorry, I just had to let that first sentence sink in. Anywho, I will be doing the next school with Adrienne and hopefully training my replacement at the end of November, and then I am free. It was such a load off this afternoon talking to Brian. I just told him I was feeling especially crazy lately, and that I needed to not be working with kids. He was totally supportive, which I knew he would be, but I was still nervous about talking to him. Brian is one person that I don't want to disappoint, he has taken some big chances on me in the past and I so appreciate his faith in my abilities. He hired me straight out of COS to Stage Manage a production of Peter Pan. The craziest part of that is, I had never managed a moving set before.

Going to S. Eric Day's birthday party at Starline on Friday, hopefully there will be a few people that I know there, so I'm not a complete wreck. I need to think of it as a networking event for my personal brand. Maybe if I think of it in business terms I can get over myself enough to relax.


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    Great first step in healing.

    I'm proud of this move.