Friday, October 2, 2009

Random Thoughts

I started the evening in these:
They felt a little like this:
So, in the end, I dug these out of my car:
I ended up going completely for comfort tonight, didn't even wear the purple top, which would have required a foundation garment I was uninterested in putting on.
Random thought #1:
Were there ever any episodes of Three's Company where they dealt with the two women sharing a bedroom? Did they hang a sock on the door when they had a man friend over? Was it first one home gets the bedroom? That's a whole episode, the girls trying to beat each other home, and their dates wondering why they need to cut the dinner short and get straight to the sex. Not that they'd be complaining.
Random Thought #2:
If you've never seen 'Wet, Hot American Summer' then you should.
Random Thought #3:
It weirds me out a little (unnerves, really) when a guy has pictures of his parents in his bedroom. I once had a one night stand and the guy had a pic of his mom on the nightstand. I felt like she was judging me the whole time, and couldn't relax.
Random Thought #4:
I have a print of 'Rainy Day, Paris' by Caillebotte (sp?) hanging on my wall, and no matter what I do, it will not hang straight.
Random Thought #5: the last, I promise
I met two cool ladies tonight, Airplane Jayne and Ailene Imperatrice (sp?). Both brilliant, by the way. Still getting freaked at introducing myself to men. Maybe next time, but I am going, alone, to Re:FUSE tomorrow night. I just need to remind myself of the mantra Nicole gave me 'My name is Kristin Crase and I can do anything'.
Big Thanks to HP and Jag for accompanying me.

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  1. I think the second pair is adorable and from I what I can see of the jeans... they lay nicely at the top of the shoes. I want a pair of flats really bad. I think they are so cute.