Tuesday, September 29, 2009


So I hung out with my girls in Visalia tonight. Adi and I had to get our music cut for Alice and, since Nic is the music cutting genius, we invaded her home and chained her to the desk until she was done cutting our tracks. I just love hanging with these two girls because I can pretty much tell them anything, and I do mean anything, and they have no judgement. Most of the time they answer with an outlandish question of their own. (phone sex, real or just a way to remind your man that he misses you? Discuss.)

These past couple of months have been ripping me in two directions, actually, because I really want to be up in Fresno where the theatre is, and the fun new people that I have met. I have to remain in V-Town at least through this school year, because I am obligated to finish this project that I started with TCOE, but I really want to be elsewhere. I know that my family assumes that I will remain here for a long time, but I'm ready to move on. This project has been more effective in Fresno, but it's hard for me to be up there when I don't have a specific reason to drive north. And lastly, my best friend is here in Visalia, I adore her, and I know that, because I have been in Fresno so much, we have been a little disconnected.

Finally, I am unqualified for all jobs. My AA is in Technical Theatre, my Certificate is in Theatre Performance, and all non-theatre jobs that I have held have been retail. Anybody hiring in Fresno? I'm a hard worker.

BTW, have you ever thought back on an encounter and had the shoulda, coulda, woulda's. That is me right now.

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