Sunday, September 20, 2009

Do Lesbians count?

Tonight I met a gaggle of hilarious and beautiful lesbians. Five to be exact. All brilliant, all gorgeous. Reel Pride's feature tonight was "And Then Came Lola", a really good lesbian rom-com, and after the star Ashleigh Sumner and a few of the other cast members were at the after party at the Starline. I had one drink, listened to three songs by Saucy Monkey, apparently a famous band (who knew, the lesbians, that's who) and then had to get out of the crowd. I went to the grill next door for pizza and a few quiet minutes with SM, but eventually the lesbians invaded our table. Luckily SM knew them and invited them to sit with us. I had intended to leave, but ended up staying another hour because I was having so much fun with them. Lesbians - fond of American Musical Theatre - again, who knew?

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