Tuesday, August 4, 2009


This weeks activities have nearly all revolved around Jag Bennett (sp?). And not only because I am full time in Richard rehearsals. Friday night Jag, Heather and I convened at Starline Grill for drinks after rehearsal (that may become a recurring theme here). We had some great conversation, but of course, eventually, it turned around to this silly quest I've put myself on. Jag had many insightful things to say about dating, but byfar my favorite was this; that dating is the act of a man jumping obstacles, whilst simutaneously the woman is lowering obstacles.

I just want to sit with that visual for a minute.

shhh......just think about it.

I'm questioning my sanity a little bit, but that visual is coming back to me a lot. The problem for me, as always, is that I see that I throw up obstacles, I just don't know how to tear them down. Whoever said that acknowledging the problem was half the battle never met me.

So this weekend is a full one. Friday night, before rehearsal, I'm going to try to get to Creative Fresno's monthly Blender. Hopefully Heather will accompany me. (really I'm begging you!) Then on Saturday I have a re-try date with Wineguy, whom I had to cancel on last Saturday. Fingers-crossed that he's not a freak!

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  1. Jag can be quite prescient about such things as dating.

    Good luck with wine-guy!

    Say 'Hi' if you see me at Starline. I'll try to do the same if I see you/recognize you.