Thursday, August 6, 2009

Who Pays?

Last night I met Stephen, a follower of my blog and a future date, isn't that exciting. I also had a man come into the restroom and look over the stall wall while I was occupying it. Those things are completely unrelated, I assure you, however it does illustrate the contradictions that are the Tower District in Fresno. On the one hand I met a very funny guy and had a great conversation, the fact that he was totally complimentary may have swayed me in his favor. On the other hand, the jerks. If only we could corral the jerks into one bar in one city.

Stephen (BTW, I hope I'm spelling your name right) did give me a tutorial in dating money etiquette. His theory, that I should act like I'm going to pay, offer to pay even, and hold out for the guy to pick up the tab. Seems a little suspect in my situation since I'm the one asking for the date. It has always been my feeling that the person doing the asking pays for the date, but I've heard from some men who tell me that it is emmasculating (sp?) to let the woman pay. What do you think?

My date with wineguy is Saturday and I'm still trying to figure out what to do. Maybe I should put together a picnic and ask him to bring a bottle of wine. We'll see.



  1. I agree that it can be emasculating to not even give him a chance to pay. Unless he knows before the fact that you want to take him out it is assumed the man pays... even if you are asking for the date. Of course you can always just split it if you need to pay for something.

  2. I think that the man should pay, unless you make it clear that you'd like to take him out and you want it to be your treat. Chilvary is almost completely non-existant these days, and it's just as much our (the ladies) fault as it is the mens'. We've lowered our expectations and standards...let them pay honey! You're worth every damn cent!!