Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Penny Date

I will be going out with Stephen tomorrow night and he keeps teasing me by calling it "The Penny Date". But what is the penny date? My money is on a scavenger hunt. What say you? Comment and try to guess, the commenter who is closest will win a prize.


  1. Maybe you will take a drive to a parking lot and see who can pick up the most pennies!

  2. Maybe you will go buy lottery tickets and use pennies to scratch off.

    Or, is there a penny arcade in Fresno?

    Or, maybe you'll stand outside a supermarket and collect Pennies for Peace?

  3. I'd comment, but the last minute preparations are exhausting. Who knew I'd need releases from MGM Films and Capital Records?? Whew...good luck to all the guessers...