Monday, August 24, 2009

The Penny Date w/ Stephen

Going out with creative types is always a good time, but when a creative type is fully engaged in entertaining you, it can be overwhelming. Stephen has been talking up the 'Penny Date' for a couple of weeks now and it was completely unexpected.

So we met up last night in front of Starline. When I got into his car, his first question was 'So, what do you want to do'. I was confused, and since I am gullible, I bought his act hook, line and sinker. He waited me out a couple of minutes, while my sluggish brain caught on to the fact that he was teasing, and then presented me with an Altoids tin. The tin was full of pennies. He then presented what appeared to be a menu from a fancy restaurant, however all of the selections were options of what we could do on the date, with amounts for how much each activity would cost me. For example, the first thing I chose on the menu was a tea from Teazers (go by there, that place is great), which cost me 3 cents. I wish my scanner worked right now so that I could show you, but alas, you will have to imagine it.

We had great conversation the whole date, but at this point Stephen reminded me that we needed to get going, so I needed to pick the next thing on the menu. We took a drive up into the mountains, to a pretty look out spot on the road to Kings Canyon. The look out was a great spot with a perfect view of Fresno as little tiny points of light. It was also in a dark enough spot that the stars were super bright. Since I was so comfortable in Stephen's presence, we held hands and cuddled alot up there while we talked.

My next choice was dinner and a movie, but it was getting to be about 10pm on a Sunday, so all of the restaurants were closed. We went through the In N Out drive thru and headed over to the Riverpark movie theatre to see (500) days of Summer. The movie was really good, although the couple in front of us engaging in sexual activities (she was giving him the quietest blow job ever!) was very distracting.

We ended the date with drinks and chats at Starline, and a little kiss at my car before I drove home. I have very little experience with kissing, and I'm not great at it because of this, but it was a lovely and silly way to end the evening. Stephen says that it's not a real date if there isn't the possibility of smooches, so there were smooches.

Stephen is a cool guy and a lot of fun to hang with, so all of you that warned me about him were silly worry warts.


  1. Awesome. Sounds like a great time. :)

  2. I dunno, I heard your kisses were wonderful and sweet and soft and lovely.

    But that's just what I heard.

  3. It just seem so wrong to me to spend as much money as you do nowadays for a movie and then to miss part of it performing exta-curricular activities. Of course I guess the guy could have spent more on a hooker. Either way I'm glad you had a good time.