Saturday, August 15, 2009

Date with Jag

Jag Bennett is a really smart guy. I think he may have gotten bored with me last night when we went out after the show. We met up at Livingstone's, in the Tower, for an after show meal. Just so you know Gabi, I had the veggie quesidilla and it was delicious. We, of course, spent the first part of the meal rehashing last night's show, talking about the generator issues (it still makes me want to sit down and cry), and various shows that we have been involved with in the past.

On this date I was reminded that I don't read people's signals very well, nor do I know what signals I am sending out. Jag and I are already friends so I was not in the state of consumed panic that usually takes over when I go out with someone new, but that also means my antenna were not attuned to the minute details of reactions.

I just read the previous sentence and it made no sense to me. Let me try that again.

Jag has a good heart, so I'm not sure if he was humoring me, or having a good time as well.

Unfortunately, because we went out after a show, I was not tarted up, so no pictures of cute outfits or fabu hair.

Sorry I'm so scattered today.

Perhaps Jag can shed more light on this date than me.


  1. You were charming and sincere, and the conversation was interesting. I had a great time.

  2. Mayhap you need to re-blog this experience when you are less exhausted by a tech week and opening weekend.

    Here's a question for you, though (and Jag and whoever. . . )

    If you're a girl who typically misreads signals, doesn't pick up on them, can't see one if it were being flagged for her by airlanding lights. . . .

    . . . if a girl gets what she thinks *could* be a positive signal, is it one?

    (We see negative signals all the time-- madeup or otherwise-- so that's a different discussion).

  3. This 'date' probably shouldn't have happened this week, I agree with HDP that you should blog it later, but you both were likely exhausted.

    And remember my rule? A 'date' is when there's at least some possibility of smooches after, and it sounds like this was two friends doing the post-show hang out thing minus the usual other friends.

    Unless you kissed and aren't telling, in which case shames on you! Curious minds want to know such gossip!