Sunday, August 9, 2009

Wineguy Date

Here's what I wore for my date last night with Wineguy.

I was feeling cute, let me tell you, but no compliments! boo. So, unfortunately for him, that was one strike against him.

We met in front of the Borders at Riverpark and from there got Gyros to go at that splendid place by the movie theatre. We took the food, and the case of wine that he brought, out to Woodward Park and had a picnic wine tasting. As dates go, I'd say that's pretty hard to top. He's very knowledgable about wine, but wasn't a snob when I had no clue what he was talking about. I'm terrible at wine, give me a box of something sweet and a glass with ice in it anyday. Although it was really the ideal setting, very romantic, it just wasn't going to start any fires. Wineguy is really nice, although maybe a little too full of his own intelligence, but there was definitely no spark. I will have to keep him in mind for a friend, because he really is a nice guy. Though 5'10", please, more like 5'8".

One thing I did try to do, that was really helpful, at least in my brain, was adopt a line from Sufism. The people that you meet are the ends, not the means. I really tried to just be there, in that moment. It completely eliminated my nerves.

Then again, it probably won't work next time.

Oh well, I got a case of half drunk wines out of it!


  1. A CASE!!! Jeebus, I know he gets the case for free, but wow...that was worth a BJ at least ;-)

    And by the way, I'll top that date with my eyes closed :-P

  2. I will say that you look fantastic! He definitely should have complimented you.