Monday, August 17, 2009

Let's try this again

Friday night, after our performance, Jag and I met up at Livingstone's in the Tower District. After the intensity of the performance, Jag got us a small table in a darkish corner, a cool and relaxing way to spend the rest of the evening. Although Jag claims that he enjoys making people uncomfortable, he did everything possible to make me comfortable, to keep the conversation flowing and make sure that I was at ease.

So, as dinner is served, he decides that we are going to play a little game of Truth wherein we each get to ask a question and the other person must answer truthfully. Of course, there is an escape clause, you may choose not to answer. Now you might say that this is a surefire way to make someone uncomfortable, but we're both actors, we love talking about ourselves. The questions ranged from silly to squirm-worthy, and I only declined to answer one question. I've slept three times since then, so I do not remember the question, sorry. We laughed alot, especially when I told Jag that one word I would use to describe him was Crazy.

Alright, here's where I get awkward and weird. We closed the bar, actually got asked to leave, because they wanted to clean up and go home. We were in the middle of a train of thought, so when Jag turned towards home, in the opposite direction of my car, I went along with him. It was 2am, I should have said thank you very much, gotten in my car and driven home, but I was having a good time, I wanted to continue chatting. He invited me back to his place for a drink and I said sure, but then, of course, my overactive crazy took over and I started obsessing. Why did he invite me back to his place? Was he expecting something from me? Was that what I wanted? What am I doing? As soon as I retreated into my brain the conversation went south and instead of saying 'hey it's late, I should actually head home', I continued to his apartment. Have I mentioned that I have very little experience in this area. I'm quite sure that my heart was at a hummingbird's speed. Once we were there I felt awkward about being there, and pretty quickly decided it was time to call it a night. He walked me back to my car and I avoided all physical contact. Have I mentioned I'm no good at this? Should I have hugged him? Kiss on the cheek? It felt unfinished.


  1. sounds like you had a good time,which is awesome.Whatever reason stopped you from hugging him or kissing him on the cheek must have been important enough to stay in your mind. Perhaps it was the unsureness of the situation...that's perfectly reasonable. You tend to be quite aware so it stands to reason you made the right decision.

  2. You know. . . this is exactly why the honesty and bravery of this experiment is important. The fact that you got super uncomfortable and all psyched out at going back to his place-- a guy you know pretty well and who, I think we can all say, wouldn't put you in a compromising situation-- sheds light on an aspect of dating you need to look at inside yourself. You're facing a lot of your own roadblocks and uncertainties in these dates.

    And where as Stephan may say that it was really just two friends hanging out, I say that having a few dates with guys you know well is a safe way to evaluate some of these issues for yourself.

    Just the act of going out one on one and making a few changes in your social life is a major deal.

  3. Eek. I must assure you that I simply was enjoying our conversation and wanted it to continue. I often invite people over to my place, occasionally they're female, and nearly all of them manage to escape the clutches of Jaguar Bennett, wily seducer. Please accept my profoundest apologies for making you uncomfortable in any way.

  4. MUCH BETTER post!

    So it WAS a 'date' after all! Yay!

    I'm with HD again (as usual). It's good to start with 'friends,' as they end up making the best boyfriends anyway.

    As for your butterflies, well, that's what this little shindig experiment is all about, right? Practice, practice, practice.

    I know you like tips, so I'm going to post a blog for you right now!

  5. Oh, I almost forgot:

    Also, did you get my facebook msg?

  6. I just want everyone to know that Jag did nothing to make me freak out, it was all me. I'm the insane one. That's all.

  7. Actually, from reading the post, it doesn't sound like you were all that freaked out by JAG, just by the newness of the situation...kinda like first day of kindergarten anxiety.

    And if you readers don't know Jag as we do, rest assured Jag would NEVER be less than a gentleman at any time.

    So there really seemed no need for Jag to apologize (tho it's in his nature), and no need for you to apologize either, KrissyBell. It's just date jitters, all girls get 'em!

    My blog has been reshaped and edited for better linkage and KrissyBell usage, FYI.