Sunday, July 26, 2009

Learning on the go

You know that part where I am supposed to be all truthful and stuff on here? Well, I'm having a hard time with that. Mostly because real people's feelings are involved, real people who read these posts and might be offended by what I have to say. Real people that I allowed to become my facebook friends, which I now realize was a mistake. Learning as I go here people.

So we've already determined that I am a big chicken, scared to approach a stranger in a bar, or the guy that comes into my store on a semi-regular basis. I'd like to address these topics right now.

Topic number one, I recently started chatting with a nice guy in Fresno, I'll call him JT. I met JT on plenty of fish, a dating website with no illusions of grandeur. JT seemed like a pretty cool guy, but you should know that we exchanged maybe only four emails total before he found me on facebook and I accepted his friend request. We already had a few mutual friends. So last week when I went to the Bartender's Challenge, JT decided to show up. And it was awkward. Sorry dude, but it was. Our attempts to include JT in the conversation were stilted at best, he didn't have much to contribute, and sort of stared at Lisi, Chris and I as if we needed to entertain him. Well that's what it felt like anyway. I'm sure that he could tell you another side of this, so JT if you are reading this please comment back. Needless to say, no chemistry, and I will not be pursuing anything further with him.

Side note: I actually got cussed via email by a guy on POF, for not responding to his email in what he thought was a timely manner. Definitely not going to respond now, WTF?

Topic number two, my chicken instincts are kicking in as I write this for fear that the next man I mention will read this and tease me mercilessly about it. HB is a guy that I see in my store on a pretty regular basis, and I've been crushing on him since I was about fifteen. He's good looking, funny, easy to talk to and we are so polar opposites that we could fill up Sears Tower with all of the levels that we are incompatible. Alas, I still get a silly girl rush when I see him pull in the driveway. I have been saying for about a year that I was going to get up the courage to ask HB out, still hasn't happened, partially because, if he says no, I still have to see him regularly. That whole carpe diem thing does not work for me.

So a new rule for this site, don't accept the friend requests of people you don't know. And Kristin - grow a set!


  1. Ah. Here's where I'll find out more about the 'dating project.'


    And unfortunately, it's not the Sears Tower any more :-(

    But I have this to say about this particular post: Sometimes fear keeps you from growing. But sometimes it keeps you protected. You have to decide which is what, right? I hope HB would have the nutsack to ask YOU out, as long as you were giving him the 'signals.'

  2. my 2 cents on the awkward "still have to see them everyday" crush.
    Put the ball in their court. say something like "here's my number if you'd like to do something sometime" (with your own charismatic spin) that way he knows what you want, but doesn't have to say yes or no right away. and if he says no it's not to your face, he just never calls and it's business as usual.

  3. Ask me sometime about me and postman Mark! lol!