Sunday, July 19, 2009

My friends, as you know, I will be attending Creative Fresno's Bartender's Challenge this Tuesday night and now is the time to choose an outfit. I'll probably drag this into two posts, just so you know! First things first - the dress. Please let know your favorite, the dress with the most votes will be the one I wear.

This black and white is super flattering, with lots of sparkle, but keep in mind that all shoes I have for this dress are uncomfortable. But Hot!

This is the dress I wore for my plantation excursions with Brooke and Nicole. I have a matching hat, but don't worry I won't wear it. It's really pretty on, very Daisy from Great Gatsby.

I've never gotten a chance to wear this brown linen shift. It's pretty flattering even with the Bam-Bam trim.

And last, but not least, the old standby. This pink dress makes me feel like a hot tamale, but I've worn it a lot lately.

This is me today, trying to care what I look like, but failing.

Much love!


  1. I love the B&W on you. . . it emphasizes the cleavage, but in a tasteful way. It says "out on the town" and it would open you up to receive compliments because it is a terrific dress.

    My second choice would be the pink tamale dress. It is just as flattering in a more casual -"I just threw this on at the last minute!"- way.

  2. I like the B&W but if you don't have comfy shoes you'll have too good an excuse not to mingle! So I vote pink because it makes you feel good and, like the previous commenter mentions, has that "I just threw this on and don't I look fabulous?" quality about it. Good luck and kisses from Virginia!