Tuesday, July 14, 2009

On Assignment

I have three phone numbers, and lots of nerves. Just about an hour ago I called shy Jeff, got his voicemail, so maybe that will happen, maybe not. As soon as I get done with this post I plan to call Jag and William. I'm a little short of breath and jittery, but I have to keep reminding myself that it's no big deal. The biggest issue I have with asking out someone like Jag is that I have to see him for the rest of the summer, since I will be stage managing the show that he plays the lead in. However, I know that he's a cool guy, so my logical brain is telling me it's no big deal.

Upward and onward. Heather has given me an assignment to get myself out there and promote. I am doing this by going to Creative Fresno's Bartender's Challenge. Anybody want to go with? Heather can't go because of rehearsal - lame excuse ;) It's next Tuesday, June 21st. I'll try to get some outfit ideas posted so I can get some feedback. Ta for now.

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  1. Dear Kristin--

    I have known Jag for years and years. When I first met him, he came across as a pompous doof, full of himself and evil. His stand-up wasn't funny. He seemed lost.

    Then he got a girlfriend. Then I got to know him better through the Rogue Fest.

    I can say now that Jag is one of the best boyfriends ever. He has learned to be vulnerable, and it turns out he's always been extremely caring, deeply loving, and very very thoughtful. He is loyal and a devout friend. Where he is wounded he is healing, and where he is loving he is extroverted. He is protective of his friends and relations, and even his stand-up got tremendously clever and funny.

    Ignore anything else. Jaguar is an authentic catch, and if you get to date him, and allow yourself to be vulnerable with him, you will find yourself cared for, spoiled and feeling like a princess.

    Just don't tell him I said nice things about him...