Sunday, July 12, 2009

One of those days

It's a really good thing that I had no date scheduled for this weekend (although I will have some catching up to do) because I have been awful all weekend. I tried really hard not to project my sadness, frustration and anger on the people around me, but I think that my store may have lost a customer.

Sidenote: How do you return something to a store, with no tag or receipt, and expect that the store will give you a full refund for it. I merely pointed out to irritating customer #1 that I would have no way of refunding her an amount that she had no proof of, and that if she would like to glance above my head she would see the GIANT red sign that says 'No Returns without a receipt'.

So back to the project. Andy and Jen are setting up another group thing with Jeff, because apparently they don't think that I scared him sufficiently the first time. A & J are so sweet though and I really appreciate the effort. Tomorrow Laura has a meeting with a guy named Terry that she's going to try to get me a date with. Cross your fingers! Kris has a phone number for a single dad, which I will get Tuesday night as we stand in line for the Harry Potter midnight show. Maybe there will be a fun nerd standing in line with us that I can test my bravery with, and ask out. Until then I'll just try to 'Keep calm and carry on'.

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  1. It is also time to get some facetime with the world at large, friend. I sent you a link to the next Bartender Challenge in Fresno via Facebook. You should go and make it your own challenge to collect at least one phone number. Or meet a few new chicks who might know some single guys. . . The Creative Fresno stuff is a great place to spread the word about your project. They're the types of people who might have means/contacts to help you out. MARKET YOURSELF, FRIEND!