Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I've never been brave when it comes to the opposite sex. I suck at men, there I said it! The thought of approaching someone and asking them out on a date absolutely terrifies me, it's paralyzing. I am reminded that I really haven't spent that much time pursuing relationships, I've been keeping myself busy with everything else as a distraction.

My brain is not even in a plane of reality when it comes to rejection, what I am thinking is not that a guy might say 'no, thanks'. I have this whole scenario in my head wherein he looks me up and down and says 'why would I ever want to go out with an ugly, old hag like you'. Yep, that's where my brain goes. So all of those Cosmo articles that I've read, or online surveys that I've taken are merely academic if I can't put them into practice.

So here I am in a dilemma. How do I deal with a crippling fear?


  1. Question it. what am i afraid of? why am i afraid? is this fear based in reason? let your logical brain work it over and maybe it won't be so paralyzing.
    Make a deal with yourself, anytime you get rejected you do something for you, and make being rejected better than not

  2. Great idea about rewarding myself for rejection. Love it! You know, I deal with rejection in my job all the time, but relationships are different.