Sunday, December 27, 2009

Even though...

...there are four days left in the year, I'm saying goodbye to 2009 today here at the Date Project. In this my 77th post I'm going to let go of a year that has been a rollercoaster. Odd number years are always iffy for me. I don't know how to describe it, but even numbered years are always better. I know, I know, it's like a superstition or self-fulfilling prophesy, but that works both ways right? I will have a good 2010.

I will be working backstage for the "Rocky Horror Show" at the Tower Theatre on New Year's Eve this year, which I'm pretty excited about. I will miss Kris and Steve's bash, which is sad, but I also won't have anybody looking at 'Werewolf' and I and shaking their heads, wondering why we're not a couple. It's never intentional on their part, but I know what those looks are about.

New year's would be nothing without resolutions and here's mine:

I will live for myself this year, disregarding what others think I should be doing.

I hope that everyone has a fun and safe New Year's Eve and a great 2010! Love you all,


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