Saturday, January 2, 2010

A Running Start

2010 has already started out well. Thursday night, after a surprisingly fantastic run of Rocky, I joined HP and Jag at the grill for the turn of the year. Whilst chatting with them, they mentioned Jag's friend (I'll call him ARN) that would be joining us for a drink. HP declares that we are the male and female version of each other, which I find intriguing, and a little bit scary. ARN joins us and is funny, charming and pretty cute, so I, towards the end of the night, awkwardly ask how long he is in town and if he would like to go out the next night. With some help from HP*, we set a time and place to meet, exchange phone numbers and promises to be there the next night. I have a date! On Jan. 1st! An auspicious start to the year.

*Really, I wouldn't have ended up being able to set a time and date. I am intially confident, but my follow through sucks.

So last night we met in front of a strangely closed Starline and headed west on Olive. Neither of us, making the date at the last minute, had planned anything, so we decided to walk Olive and see what struck us. ARN is a theatre grad student, so we had plenty to talk about, including mutual friends. He knows a director that I worked with 6 years ago. Totally random. We had dinner at Sequoia Brewing and then headed over to Manchester to see Sherlock Holmes. I ended the date after the movie, only because I had to drive home and be at work this morning at 9am, but I encouraged him to call me, facebook me, email me, whatever. What do you know, he added me on the FB and we are meeting up again tonight after Rocky.

No pictures of my outfit, but I was looking pretty cute. Black tights, black denim pencil skirt, red turtleneck sweater, black chucks, and my giant blue shell earrings.

I am having some regrets that I didn't mention that he would be the subject of this post. Still on the fence about letting people know that I will be sharing these details with a small selection of readers. What do you think? And, ARN, if you happen to read this, any impressions you'd like to share?

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