Thursday, January 7, 2010


The fact that I am surrounded by highly intelligent people for the majority of my life is one of the things that has made life fun in the past few years. I have exceptional friends. My exceptional friends are also caring and generous and occasionally overwhelm me, in good ways and bad. Luckily they are astute enough to know when my eyes are crossed with advice, and it is no longer sinking in. Also, I wouldn't be sharing my experiences, if I didn't want help and advice.

That being said, I am developing my own philosophy about dating, along the lines of my new take on my wardrobe. I do love clothes, after all. Here it is: If you try someone on, someone that everyone thinks is a perfect fit, even if you see that they are a perfect fit, but they just don't suit you, put them back on the rack. You will regret taking them home, and if they are still on the market, they have the chance to get picked up by someone that truly fits, and so do you. In love as in fashion, if you don't absolutely love it, you'll never wear it.

Thank you friends for your advice! I truly treasure it. Keep it coming.


  1. ooo, good philosophy.

    BUT, you can certainly buy the man, take him home and wear him (out), but if you leave the tag on you can return him the next day.

  2. oooh I love this analogy! and sometimes when you're not sure it will fit (based on too high of expectations, for example), it ends up being juuuuust right for you :) in love AND fashion!

    thanks for visiting my blog... great to hear from a fellow CA blogger!