Sunday, December 6, 2009

hey friends

Remember how I have those goals of things I want to accomplish before I turn 34? Well, I wanted to give you a status update.

Goal #2: Start a business: Well, I got my business cards, so I guess All Season Creative is off and running, although I haven't officially done anything yet. Can't check it off yet, but the cards are beautiful (Thanks Laura, you're awesome!).

Goal #4: I am in process on several Christmas gifts, I will post pictures as soon as I give the gifts out.

Goal #7: Well, since none of us can afford to go to Dicken's this year, this goal will have to be scraped. Maybe I can dance with a stranger at a New Year's Party this year?!

Goal #9: I'm on page 50 of "War And Peace"

Goal #32: there aren't many foods that I am scared of, I may need some help.

As for Goal #1: Finish The Date Project - Well, maybe I'll try online dating again.


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