Monday, December 21, 2009

Busy Week

It's the holidays, so I'm quite sure that all of you are having the same time issues as me, there never seems to be enough time in the day. So here's what I've been doing over the past week since I've written.

Monday - Circle N sponsored a concert for KJUG, called the 'Jingle Jam', as part of our marketing for the month of December. The fun side of sponsoring these things is that we get free tickets, and for this one we got to go to a VIP party before the concert and meet the band. They are an adorable trio of guys called Love And Theft, if you like modern Country music you should check them out. I hope they get really big, cause I got them to sign my guitar, which already has Chely Wright's signature on it (she is also a Country act). I also got to see Brooke on Monday. She joined us at the concert and for dinner afterwards. It was a really fun night, up until the point that Aunt Karen asked how much I spent on the advertising.

Side note: I just LOVE it when a customer asks a question, and then tells you that your answer is wrong!

Tuesday - I headed north Tuesday night to walk Christmas Tree Lane with Brooke and Jay. I think that by the end of the two mile walk I was unable to form sentences. I'm not in bad shape, but it was cold, and stressful to be out with people that I don't know that well.

Wednesday - Although it was a pretty low-key night, I went out to dinner with Grandma, Aunt Karen and Uncle Jim, which is always a little stressful.

Thursday - Thursday was our big promotion for the month of December, a Men's Night, so that guys could come and pick up all their gifts in one night. We offered free gift wrapping, snacks and drinks, and we had about three guys show up. It was very disappointing. I'd had several people tell me what a great idea they thought it was, a lot of good response form our radio and print ads, and folks telling me that they would be here, but alas, practically no one showed up.

Friday - I went up to Fresno on Firday to spend the day with Brooke. It was a good time, but as always, exhausting because I'm not living up there yet, and I have nowhere to go when I want to just rest. We ended the night at Starline with Nate Butler's Christmas Sing-a-long, which was cool because I saw a few people that I haven't seen for a while. By 10pm I was a pumpkin and drove home.

Saturday - Nicole and Grant's Christmas party. As always, a good time, with lots of catching up and nerd games. I am the real life of the party too, since I fell asleep while playing Werewolf.

Sunday - Family Christmas. Actually, sunday really started with me walking into the house to discover the jug that I had been steeping Limoncello in, in the sink and full of water. My mom decided to clean, and instead of asking, thought that it was some old lemonade and cleaned out the jug. I can not tell you how sick in the stomach this makes me. And sad. There goes my goal of hand made gifts, three gifts down the drain. (Limoncello takes six weeks to make so there's no way to make more) Sunday night we went for our traditional pizza parlor dinner and gifts under the tree with the extended family. What always makes me crazy, is the adults, mainly my grandmother and aunt, who expect the kids to sit patiently before they get gifts and after the gifts are open. 'Stop rough housing!', 'Don't make noise!' 'Behave!', as if they are not kids that are excited that it's Christmas, and that they are getting presents. And then, I find out that my mom and dad have had a fight, and my dad left last night. I just give up!

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