Thursday, December 10, 2009

A date?

Yesterday was Adi's 21st birthday, so a bunch of her friends took her out for drinks. We ended up at Visalia Brewing Company, which incidentally I have never been to, where they were doing some karaoke. Not that it's a big surprise, I think they karaoke there every night. At any rate, as I was choosing a song to sing, a gentleman started talking to me. Well, what do you know, I didn't make a complete ass of myself and eventually he bought me a drink. As the night progressed he asked me to dance. And, as we were leaving I gave him my card. He called - 15 minutes later - and asked me out for tonight! Adi and Matt think he might be gay, but hey I'm going to go out with him anyway.


  1. good for you ~ be confident and don't make an ass tonight! haha! good luck, relax, and have fun!


  2. smooth operator! Have a good time, friend!

  3. He's not gay. A gay man would expect you to buy HIM a drink.

    Have fun deserve it.

  4. Why on earth would a gay guy ask you for your phone number? You should just go on the assumption that if a man talks to you, he's interested. Even if you're wrong, what's the worst that could happen?