Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Weekend

I have had a really fun weekend so far, that mostly consisted of sitting around in a bar (Starline, almost exclusively) and solving the world's problems. Friday night Jag and Heather accompanied me to the Green Eggs at the Met opening night party. The exhibit was pretty cool, but the music was so loud it was hard to think, much less carry on any conversation or meet anyone. Part of my issue was the band that was playing when we got there, Yesterday's Chonies, I get where they are coming from, but their lead singer girl is Ah-nnoying. The crowd was such a strange mix and mash up of people, but mostly I was going into hipster overload. We retired to the Grill for drinks and chat and a little pizza, because although the Tower Dog that I had for dinner was delicious, it was not filling.

Saturday night needs to be told with pictures, but unfortunately I forgot to take my camera, and will have to rely on Heather to post the pictures to her facebook, so that I can steal them. Really though, I feel like I can not possibly do justice to the night in words. When I got into the Tower at about 8:30ish I went straight for the Grill, thinking that Jag or Heather would be there, they were not, but I got to admire two rather strange costumes, Renee (the bartender) dressed as a zombie alchemist (I think?) and Tim (one of the cooks?) as Jon, the guy in the Tower known for wearing slippers and beads. Since J and H were not there, I decided to walk down to Teasers and maybe try a different Tower Dog. Olive was a madhouse of people, a strange mix of parents with their children and drunken adult revelers, oh and the evangelists in front of Landmark. One mom in front of me looked at the evangelists and said 'What are they doing?' to which I replied 'We're the devil, Jesus hates that you've dressed up your daughter like a princess', she just laughed and went on. There was some kind of circus freak show act at the Tower Theatre, but judging by the inept writhing of the dancers out front, I'm glad I didn't waste my money. Walking back into the Grill, I heard 'Kristin!' coming from the back, it was Abagail (who has a beautiful voice btw) Katie and PizzaChef. I am officially Norm. J, H and Bruce were at Livingstone's having dinner, so I headed over, had some delicious veggie quesadilla, and suggested that we walk down Olive to enjoy the drunks and revelers. At this point we extracted my wings, which had been whacking people in the face all night, and H changed into different shoes, much more comfortable ones. We stopped in at Landmark (loud and crazy) and Veni's (marijuana, 'nough said) and then headed back to Starline. SM had on a disturbing Deputy Hillbilly costume on, I could barely look at him. But, most importantly, PizzaChef took my number and we will be going out sometime in the next week or so!

This week's schedule:

Bartending school Mon. - Thurs. 1pm to 5pm
Creative Fresno Blender Fri.
Jag's Comedy Show Sat.

Have a great week Loves!

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